Re: Проблема на AIX 6.1 при инсталляции Oracle11

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Aliexpress INT

11gR2 OUI On AIX Pre-Requisite Check Gives Error “Patch IZ97457, IZ89165 Are Missing” [ID 1439940.1]

Below are the equivalent APAR’s for each specific TL:
** Patch IZ89165 **

6100-03 – use AIX APAR IZ89304
6100-04 – use AIX APAR IZ89302
6100-05 – use AIX APAR IZ89300
6100-06 – use AIX APAR IZ89514
7100-00 – use AIX APAR IZ89165

** Patch IZ97457 **

5300-11 – use AIX APAR IZ98424
5300-12 – use AIX APAR IZ98126
6100-04 – use AIX APAR IZ97605
6100-05 – use AIX APAR IZ97457
6100-06 – use AIX APAR IZ96155
7100-00 – use AIX APAR IZ97035

If you have above APAR installed (respective of your OS TL level), you can ignore these errors or else you will have to install respective APAR’s to complete installation.

NOTE: APAR numbers can change with the change in AIX TL. In case you are using a TL which is not mentioned in the above list, you need to contact IBM to get the corresponding APAR number for your TL and install it to complete the installation.