Немного истории AIX

IBM PROGRAMMING INFORMATION   for Europe, the Middle East

* This document is provided as general customer information
* only. IBM products and services which are announced and
* available in your country can be ordered under the applicable
* standard agreements, terms, conditions and prices in effect
* at the time. For further information please contact your
* local IBM representative.

o 5713-AEQ Part # 11F8182 IBM AIX PS/2 Base Operating System
o 5713-AFH  Part #  11F8194 IBM  AIX PS/2  Base Operating  System
o 5713-AEY Part # 11F8181 IBM AIX PS/2 DOS Merge
o 5713-AFE Part # 11F8191 IBM AIX PS/2 Usability Services
o 5713-AFD Part # 11F8190 IBM AIX PS/2 Text Formatting System
o 5713-AEX Part # 11F8186 IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows
Authorisation To Copy
o 5775-RCA Part # 07F7339 IBM AIX PS/2 Base Operating System
o 5775-RCA  Part #  07F7340 IBM  AIX PS/2  Base Operating  System
o 5775-RCA Part # 07F7341 IBM AIX PS/2 DOS Merge
o 5775-RCA Part # 07F7342 IBM AIX PS/2 Usability Services
o 5775-RCA Part # 07F7343 IBM AIX PS/2 Text Formatting System
o 5775-RCA Part # 07F7344 IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows
OPERATING SYSTEM Licensed Program is a multi-user, multi-tasking,
virtual memory  operating system supporting  up to  16 concurrent
users.  AIX PS/2  a 32-bit  implementation of  the AIX  Operating
System for  the IBM Personal System/2  Model 80, is based  on the
IBM  AIX/RT  Operating  System  and  includes  selected  Berkeley
Software Distribution 4.3 Extensions.
commands  and  utilities,  not included  in  the  base  Operating
System, that  will be used  primarily in  significant development
activities and by users in the academic community.
IBM  AIX PS/2  DOS  MERGE(3) provides  software  support for  the
execution of IBM DOS Version 3.3 applications.
1. AIX  is   a  trademark  of  International   Business  Machines
2. PS/2  is  a  trademark   of  International  Business  Machines
3. Based upon Merge 386 developed by Locus Computing Corporation
IBM AIX PS/2  USABILITY SERVICES Licensed Program  is designed to
provide an  easy-to-use, full  screen, menu  driven interface  to
many of the AIX PS/2 Operating System functions.
IBM AIX  PS/2 Text  Formatting System  Licensed Program  provides
text processing support  for AIX PS/2 users  including formatting
for printers and typesetters.
IBM AIX PS/2  X-WINDOWS provides a network  transparent windowing
system which allows  users on the console  to simultaneously view
and access  programs and data  from both local  and LAN-connected
processors running a compatible windowing product.
National Language Character support is  provided for 8-bit ASCII.
It  provides National  Language  Character  Set support  for  IBM
Console Displays,  selected World Trade  ASCII terminals  and IBM
printers with National Language capability.
IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System October 1988
IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System Extensions October 1988
IBM AIX PS/2 DOS Merge October 1988
IBM AIX PS/2 Usability Services October 1988
IBM AIX PS/2 Text Formatting System October 1988
IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows October 1988
o IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System for IBM PS/2 Model 80
– Support for 16 concurrent users
– Virtual Memory management
– Designed to be compatible with UNIX System V Release 2
– Selected Berkeley Software Distribution 4.3 Extensions
– Multiple Virtual Terminal Support
– Asynchronous Terminal Emulation
– Shared Library Support
– Graphics Support Library
– IBM AIX/6150 compatible
– IBM XENIX Release 2.0 source code compatibility
– National Language Character Support
o IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System Extensions
– Additional commands and utilities  for development activity and
use in academic community
o IBM  AIX PS/2  DOS  Merge for  multiple  user  DOS Version  3.3
application support
o AIX PS/2 Usability Services
– Designed to be a full-screen menu driven user interface
o IBM AIX PS/2 Text Formatting System
– Text processing Print/Typeset support
o IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows
– Create, delete, move and size multiple windows on the console
– Access program  and data  from remote  LAN-connected processors
running compatible X-Windows products
The AIX PS/2 Operating System (Licensed Program) is a multi-user,
multi-tasking, virtual  memory operating system.  It  can operate
as  a  single-user  or  multi-user  system  with  up  to  sixteen
concurrent terminal users.  AIX is the implementation  of the AIX
Operating System for the IBM Personal System/2 Model 80, based on
the  IBM AIX/RT  Operating System  and is  compatible with  UNIX.
Applications written in C Language on  XENIX 2.0 which conform to
the  definition in  “The C  Programming Language”,  Prentice-Hall
Copyright by Bell  Labs, 1978, authors Kernighan  and Richie, and
which use  System V system calls  are source code  compatible and
can be recompiled for execution on  AIX PS/2. Likewise, XENIX 2.0
applications  written in  FORTRAN which  conform  to the  ANSI-77
Standard are  compatible and can  be recompiled for  execution on
AIX  PS/2 includes  selected Berkeley  Software Distribution  4.3
extensions and enhancements developed by IBM and by Vendors under
contract to IBM.
In conjunction  with the  IBM PS/2  processor hardware,  AIX PS/2
provides virtual  memory support. The “flat  demand-paged” memory
model of the 80386 is used  which gives four gigabytes of logical
address space per  process.  Virtual memory allows  the operating
system  and application  programs  to  be written  without  being
limited  to  the size  of  the  actual  physical memory  that  is
installed  on the  executing  system.  Multiple Virtual  Terminal
support  allows  users  to  “hot-key,  i.e.,  alternate,  between
virtual  AIX PS/2  and/or DOS  3.3 sessions.  The Shared  Library
capability  of AIX  PS/2  allows users  to  specify that  certain
routines be shared among several executing programs. This process
is designed to eliminate redundancy in common routines in working
memory and in storage.
AIX  PS/2   Operating  System   includes  Asynchronous   Terminal
Emulation (ATE).  ATE allows  the IBM  PS/2 to  emulate an  ASCII
display  terminal connected  to a  host computer.  It provides  a
convenient means for establishing  a connection through automatic
dialing and connection configuration data.  After connection, the
operator can  interact with  the remote  system and  send/receive
files  via XMODEM  protocol. This  may  be used  to connect  with
remote private data bases and other PS/2 systems.
The menu selection functions include:
o Help
o Connect services
o Session parameter generations
o Operating system command interface
o File/send/receive command
AIX PS/2 includes  the Advanced Display Graphics  Support Library
(GSL),   which  provides   a  program   interface  for   graphics
applications to the IBM 8503 12″ 640×480 Monochrome, IBM 8512 14″
640×480  Color, IBM  8513 12″  640×480  Color, and  IBM 8514  16″
1024×768 Color  (in VGA  mode) Displays.  GSL  includes a  set of
graphics primitives  designed to  provide access  to the  display
hardware with a minimum of system overhead.
Functions  provided  by  the Advanced  Display  Graphics  Support
Library include:
o Adapter initialization and termination
o Line, multiline, and polyline drawing
o Line drawing logical operations
o Solid rectangle and polygon fill
o Fixed pitch text painting
o User-definable character fonts and cursor functions
o Keyboard and pointing device support
o Query for display type, active font, pointing device.
The AIX  PS/2 Operating System  contains a software  emulation of
the floating  point functions.   The optional  80387 co-processor
may be  installed in  the IBM  8580 for  improved performance  of
programs that use floating-point routines.
AIX PS/2 includes  an enhanced print command  to facilitate spool
queue handling  and a command to  facilitate adding new  users to
the system.
AIX PS/2 contains  a number of functions for  display and console
support;  these functions  are supported  via  the High  Function
Terminal  (HFT)   driver  in   character  mode   and  provide   a
device-dependent interface.  A pointing  device (mouse) and sound
are supported. Virtual terminal management  routines allow a user
to open multiple full-screen sessions and “hot-key” between them.
AIX  PS/2  includes  support  for   device  independent  I/O.  In
addition, users may  add or replace the  drivers distributed with
the system with driver routines developed in 80386 Assembler or C
AIX  PS/2  includes  numerous problem  determination  aids.  Most
hardware errors are  automatically logged, and these  logs may be
accessed with the error analysis functions to assist in isolating
intermittent problems.
A history record  is maintained whenever a program  is updated to
assist in keeping  system consistency and program  level control.
Functions  are  provided  to apply  software  updates,  test  the
updates in an application environment,  and then commit or reject
the updates.
The  BOURNE SHELL  is a  command  interpreter that  serves as  an
interface between  the user and  the operating system.   It reads
the user’s command, calls the corresponding program, and executes
it.  DOS Merge  provides software  support  that allows  multiple
users to  execute IBM DOS Version  3.3 and many  DOS applications
with AIX  PS/2.  DOS Merge also  allows access to DOS  files from
AIX and access to AIX files from PC DOS, and full file conversion
In  addition   to  this   UNIX  shell,   AIX  PS/2   provides  an
implementation of the  C SHELL that will be familiar  to users of
Berkeley Software Distribution systems.  IBM  AIX PS/2 DOS MERGE,
a  separately  available  Licensed Program  provides  a  familiar
interface to PC DOS users.  Merge allows the execution of IBM DOS
Version  3.3 and  DOS applications  concurrently  with AIX  PS/2,
access to DOS  files from AIX and  access to AIX files  from DOS,
and full  file conversion utilities.   The optional IBM  AIX PS/2
USABILITY SERVICES  Licensed Program  is designed  to provide  an
easy-to-use, full screen menu-driven interface to many of the AIX
PS/2 Operating System functions. IBM  AIX PS/2 X-WINDOWS, another
separately  Licensed  Program,  provides  support  for  multiple,
active windows  on the console.  Users can create,  delete, move,
size,  and re-arrange  windows.  X-Windows  allows users  on  the
console to simultaneously view and  access programs and data from
both  local and  LAN connected  processors  running a  compatible
X-Windows product.
For additional information regarding the  AIX PS/2 DOS Merge, AIX
PS/2 Usability Services and AIX PS/2 X-Windows Licensed Programs,
refer to the descriptions that follow in this section.
The installation of the AIX PS/2 Operating System is accomplished
through a  menu-driven user  interface that  assists the  user in
allocating  disk space  and setting  other  system parameters  at
installation   time.   Most   system    defaults   are   modified
automatically to conform  with the hardware configuration  of the
system, or  the user may specify  other parameters to  tailor the
system   for  unique   requirements.   Configuration  files   are
automatically updated, file  systems are created, and  the system
kernel is  rebuilt, if necessary.  Thus, most of  the information
required  for system  installation is  included in  the AIX  PS/2
Operating System  installation tools.  Also included  in the  AIX
PS/2  Operating System  are facilities  for a  uniform method  of
installing IBM AIX  PS/2 Licensed Programs and  other application
National Language Character  support is provided for  8-bit ASCII
and  C-Shell   modifications.  It   provides  National   Language
Character Set  support for  IBM Console  Displays, certain  World
Trade ASCII  terminals, and IBM  printers with  National Language
These  software  products  are  dependent  on  national  language
character  handling.   The  default  keyboard  mapping   is  U.S.
English. At installation time a menu  is presented to the user to
select  one of  the  15 World  Trade  keyboards.  In addition,  a
facility is  provided for  user definable  keyboard mapping.  The
product  should be  reviewed relative  to  the national  language
requirements   of   the  intended   customer   before   ordering.
User-developed  applications that  have been  written to  process
national  language  data  may access  characters  represented  on
national language keyboards.
The National Language Keyboards Supported in this Release are:
o Belgian
o Canadian-French
o Danish
o Finnish/Swedish
o French
o German
o Italian
o Latin American
o Netherlands
o Norwegian
o Portuguese
o Spanish
o Swiss-French/German
o United Kingdom English
o United States English
The Telnet protocol treats the decimal value 255 (hexadecimal FF)
as a flag indicating that a  control value follows; therefore the
following  characters  will  produce   unpredictable  results  if
entered under Telnet:
n acute (lower case)
“therefore” symbol (three dots)
IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System installs  and runs on the following
minimum configuration:
o IBM 8580-041, 8580-071  or 8580-111 with 2MB memory  and any of
the supported displays.
o Printers
Printers are  supported via an  extended Personal  Computer ASCII
print  data  stream;  pass-through  mode may  be  used  by  those
applications that require the ability  to use the unique features
of a specified printer.
– IBM 3852 Color Jet Printer, Model 2
– IBM 4202 Proprinter XL
– IBM 5201 Quietwriter, Model 2
– IBM 5223 Wheelprinter E, Model 1
o Plotters
The AIX PS/2 Operating System  provides support for the following
– IBM 6180 Color Plotter
– IBM 6182 Color Plotter
– IBM 6184 Color Plotter
– IBM 6186 Color Plotter
– IBM 7371 Color Plotter
– IBM 7372 Color Plotter
– IBM 7374 Color Plotter
– IBM 7375 Color Plotter Models 1 and 2
o Displays
The AIX PS/2 Operating System  provides support for the following
– IBM  Personal  System/2  8503  Monochrome  Display,  Model  001
(8503-001) – (12″, 640×480 continuous)
– IBM Personal System/2 8512 Color  Display, Model 001 (8512-001)
– (14″, 640×480 0.41 stripe)
– IBM Personal System/2 8513 Color  Display, Model 001 (8513-001)
– (12″, 640×480 0.28 dot)
– IBM Personal System/2 8514 Color Display,  Model 001 in VGA and
Monitor Mode (8514-001) – 16″, 1024×768 0.31 dot)
o Adapters
The following adapters and other options are supported:
– IBM Personal  System/2 Dual  Async Adapter/A  (#3033) (6450347)
(50-19.2K bps)
– IBM  Personal  System/2 Token-Ring  Network  Adapter/A  (#4790)
– IBM 3270 Connection Adapter (#2000) (83X9702)
– IBM Personal  System/2 5.25″ External Diskette  Drive Adapter/A
(#8760) (6450245)
– IBM Personal System/2 5.25″ External Diskette Drive (#4869-001)
– IBM Personal System/2 Display Adapter 8514/A (#4054) (1887972)
o Terminals
AIX PS/2 provides support for the following terminals:
– IBM 3161 ASCII Display Station
– IBM 3163 ASCII Display Station (3161 Mode)
– IBM Personal Computers using 3101 emulation:
— IBM Personal Computer
— IBM Personal Computer XT
— IBM Personal Computer AT
— IBM Portable Personal Computer
— IBM Convertible Personal Computer
— IBM Personal System/2 Models 50 and 60
– ASCII  terminals   that  adhere  to   ANSI  3.64   protocol  as
implemented by DEC VT100 and VT220 or equivalent
– A  documented  system  interface for  programming  support  for
additional ASCII terminals
o Other
– IBM Personal System/2 80387 Math Co-Processor (#3002) (6450369)
– IBM Personal System/2 Mouse (#8770) (6450350)
AIX PS/2 Operating System Extensions provides additional commands
and utilities, not included with  the AIX PS/2 Operating Systems.
These   functions  will   be   used   primarily  in   significant
applications development activities and by  users in the academic
AIX PS/2  Operating System  Extensions supports  the UNIX-to-UNIX
Copy  Program to  move files  between UNIX  systems and  includes
commands to execute tasks remotely on another AIX-based system.
IBM  AIX PS/2  DOS Merge  provides software  support that  allows
multiple  users to  execute  IBM DOS  Version  3.3  and many  DOS
applications with AIX PS/2. DOS Merge provides access to many DOS
applications and  DOS usability  functions while  maintaining the
powerful features and applications of  AIX. Password security and
file  protection are  thereby extended  to the  DOS user.  Record
level access  to the  same files  is provided  to both  operating
systems.  DOS  programs are invokable  from AIX and  AIX programs
from DOS.  Data from DOS  and AIX  programs may be  exchanged via
AIX PS/2 Multi-user support for DOS Version 3.3 includes:
o DOS  and  AIX  programs  are  accessible  from  attached  ASCII
terminals as well as the system console.
o Ability to execute  multiple DOS sessions with one  or more AIX
o Ability to access  DOS files (on fixed disk or  diskette ) from
AIX PS/2 using DOS Commands and applications.
o Ability to access the AIX PS/2 file system from DOS
o Ability to convert ASCII files between DOS and AIX PS/2 formats
with options assuring full invertibility.
o Ability to transfer data between DOS  and AIX PS/2 programs via
DOS files under the control of  the AIX PS/2 Operating System are
maintained transparently as  AIX PS/2 files. The  system can also
access native DOS files on diskette or in a DOS partition.
IBM PS/2  Merge includes  support to  allow the  use of  graphics
based  DOS  applications  within  the   IBM  AIX  PS/2  X-Windows
To initially  demonstrate the compatibility and  functionality of
the AIX  PS/2 DOS  Merge Licensed  Program, several  IBM Licensed
Programs and  Non-IBM logoed offerings  have been  identified for
this  operating  environment.  The   following  are  examples  of
programs that have  been or will be  tested for use with  the AIX
PS/2 DOS Merge with IBM DOS  Version 3.3.  The results of testing
will be published at scheduled availability. IBM acknowledges the
following trademarks and their owners.
NOTE: These products may not be available in EMEA.
– Wordprocessing
– Wordstar Professional(10)
– Multimate Advantage (11)
– Webster’s Spelling Checker (12)
– IBM DisplayWrite 4
– Business and Accounting
– Ashton-Tate (13)
– Chart Master (14)
– Lotus 1-2-3 Version 2.01 (15)
– Multiplan (16)
– VP Planner (17)
– Programming
– Turbo Pascal with 8087 and BCD (18)
– Turbo Prolog (19)
– Turbo Graphix Toolbox (20)
– The Print-Shop Graphics Library Disk I (21)
– BASICA (22)
– Microsoft Macro Assembler Package (23)
– Microsoft Quick C (24)
– Microsoft Quick Basic (25)
– Utilities
– SideKick (26)
– The Print Shop (27)
– Fastback 3.1 (28)
– Sideways (29)
– Operating Environment/Applications
– GEM Draw Plus (30)
– GEM Collection (31)
– Windows Versions 1.03 (32)
– EZ-VU (33)
– Communications
– Smartcom II (34)
– CrossTalk (35)
– Other
– Flight Simulator (36)
(10) MicroPro International Corporation Inc.
(11) Ashton Tate
(12) Simon & Schuster, Inc.
(13) Decision Resources
(14) Decision Resources
(15) Lotus Development Corporation
(16) Microsoft Corporation
(17) CYMA/McGraw-Hill
(18) Borland International
(19) Borland International
(20) Borland International
(21) Broderbund Software
(22) IBM Corporation
(23) Microsoft Corporation
(24) Microsoft Corporation
(25) Microsoft Corporation
(26) Borland International
(27) Broderbund Software
(28) Fifth Generation Systems
(29) Funk Software Inc.
(30) Digital Research Inc.
(31) Digital Research Inc.
(32) Microsoft Corporation
(33) IBM Corporation
(34) Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc.
(35) Microsoft Corporation
(36) IBM Corporation
IBM AIX PS/2  Usability Services Licensed Program  is designed to
provide an easy-to-use full screen  menu driven interface to many
of the AIX  PS/2 Operating System functions. A subset  of the AIX
commands and parameters  are supported through a  command bar and
pop-up menus. The  options on the command bar and  menus may also
be  accessed with  an  optional pointing  device  (mouse) on  the
console  terminal. Window  support  allows  the creation  of  new
windows as  well as the  ability to view  a list of  the existing
windows and  their status.  The Tools  Windows Facility  provides
access to  AIX PS/2 system  functions. The File  Windows facility
provides AIX  file management.  These  features are  available to
users on any of the supported attached terminals.
When  used with  AIX PS/2  X-Windows, Usability  Services can  be
initiated  from  multiple  concurrent   windows  on  the  console
terminal, allowing switching among multiple active tasks.
IBM AIX PS/2 Text Formatting System Licensed Program provides AIX
PS/2 users with text processing support.  It includes a number of
UNIX commands and utilities intended  for use by experienced UNIX
users for text processing.  A sample of the commands contained in
this package are:
eqn      Formats mathematical text for the nroff and troff
nroff    Formats text for printing devices.
troff    Formats text for printing devices.
spell    Finds spelling errors.
tbl      Formats tables for the nroff and troff commands.
mm       Displays or checks documents, manual pages, view
graphs and slides.
IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows is a separately Licensed Program providing
a network  transparent windowing system  designed to  enhance the
usability of the overall application processing environment. This
product  implements  windowing  functions  referenced  in  the  X
Version  11 Protocol  distributed by  Massachusetts Institute  of
Technology. This program allows the  console screen to be divided
into individual windows that act as independent terminals. A user
can execute  and view multiple  tasks concurrently from  the same
console. Windows can be created, moved, resized and rearranged on
the screen. Text typed at the keyboard is placed in the window in
which  the cursor  is located;  the  cursor may  be moved  freely
between windows.  X-Windows requires the 8580 pointing device.
X-Windows allows users on the  console to simultaneously view and
access  program  and  data  from both  local  and  LAN  connected
processors running a compatible  windowing product.  This program
is  compatible  with  IBM  AIX/RT  X-Windows  Version  2.1.  Also
provided is a  compatibility mode which will run  with IBM AIX/RT
X-Windows Version 1.1.
Windows  may be  managed either  by end-users  or by  application
programs. A programmer’s toolkit is provided.
Highlights of X-Windows include:
o User interface supports creating, sizing, moving, deleting, and
stacking windows.
o Multiple, simultaneously active windows  can access and execute
both local and remote programs and data.
o Text and graphic operations are supported within windows.
o A programmer toolkit containing  high-level program development
utilities to  assist in  generating and  modifying windowing  and
graphic applications is provided.
The following publications are shipped  as documentation with the
TITLE                             ORDER NUMBER
IBM AIX PS/2 OPERATING SYSTEM      SBOF-1831 Part# 11F8280
o   Using the IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System
o   IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System Commands Reference
o   Managing the IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System
Part # 11F8281
o   IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System Technical Reference
o   IBM AIX PS/2 Communications Guide
IBM AIX PS/2 DOS MERGE                   SBOF-1883
Part # 11F8298
o   IBM AIX PS/2 DOS Merge User’s Guide
LICENSED PROGRAM                         Part # 11F8282
o   IBM AIX PS/2 Text Formatting Guide
LICENSED PROGRAM                         Part # 11F8283
o   IBM AIX PS/2 Usability Services User’s Guide
o   IBM AIX PS/2 Usability Services Reference
IBM AIX PS/2 X-WINDOWS                   SBOF-1855
Part # 11F8284
o   IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows User’s Guide
o   IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows Programmer’s Toolkit
User’s Guide
Additional copies of these manuals as well as the following
additional publications are available from SPC through the
Publications Support Systems under HONE.
Title                                   Order Number
IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System Keyboard            SBOF-1858
Character Description                           Part # 11F8285
The  AIX  PS/2  Operating  System  installs  on  either  the  IBM
8580-041, IBM 8580-071, or the IBM 8580-111 with a minimum of 2MB
RAM and with any of the supported displays.
IBM AIX PS/2 requires the IBM 8770 pointing device.
IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows requires the AIX PS/2 Operating System. To
utilize remote program facilities, a user must have:
o Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol installed.
o Compatible X-Windows Program such as AIX/RT X-Windows installed
in the remote processor.
IBM AIX/RT  applications are source  compatible with AIX  PS/2 at
the system call level.
IBM AIX PS/2 DOS Merge is compatible with IBM DOS Version 3.3.
Applications written in C Language on  XENIX 2.0 which conform to
the definition in “The  C Programming”, Prentice-Hall, copyrights
by Bell Labs,  1978, authors Kernighan and Richie,  and which use
System  V system  calls are  source  code compatible  and can  be
recompiled  for  execution  on  AIX  PS/2.  Likewise,  XENIX  2.0
applications  written in  FORTRAN which  conform  to the  ANSI-77
Standard are  source code  compatible and  can be  recompiled for
execution on AIX PS/2.
Disk space and  memory requirements are interrelated.  Disk space
reserved for  paging reduces  the amount  of space  available for
storage  but  increases  the  amount   of  memory  available  for
processing. With  the currently  available IBM  Personal Computer
Dual Asynchronous  Adapter (#3033), AIX PS/2  will allow up  to 6
asynchronous  terminals to  be directly  connected  to the  PS/2.
These  terminals  plus the  console  allows  a maximum  of  seven
directly attached terminals. Additional users may have access via
TCP/IP on a Local Area Network up to a total of 16 users.
IBM  AIX  PS/2  OPERATING  SYSTEM  will  support  up  to  sixteen
concurrent users; users may have multiple concurrent AIX PS/2 and
DOS Merge sessions. Performance will be affected by:
o number of concurrent users and sessions
o types of tasks
o available installed memory
o disk space allocated for paging
o network loading
o RAS and/or trace activity
The customer is responsible for installing these programs and for
producing a backup copy of the original program diskette.
These  software  products  are  dependent  on  national  language
character  handling.   The  default  keyboard  mapping   is  U.S.
English. At installation time a menu  is presented to the user to
select one of  15 World Trade keyboards. In  addition, a facility
is provided  for user  definable keyboards  mapping. The  product
should be reviewed relative to the national language requirements
of  the   intended  customer   before  ordering.   User-developed
applications that have been written  to process national language
data  may  access  characters represented  on  national  language
AIX PS/2 and Licensed Programs  supported by the operating system
are installed with  the aid of a menu-driven  user interface that
assists users in  allocating disk space and  setting other system
parameters.  For  additional  information  refer  to  Description
Section of  this announcement or  the publications  provided with
the operating system.
o IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System
– 7 diskettes (3.5″)
–  manuals:
— Using the IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System
— IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System Command Reference
— Managing the IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System
o IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System Extensions
– 5 diskettes (3.5″)
– manuals:
— IBM AIX PS/2 Operating System Technical Reference
— IBM AIX PS/2 Communications Guide
o IBM AIX PS/2 DOS Merge
– 2 diskette (3.5″)
– manuals:
— IBM AIX PS/2 DOS Merge User’s Guide
o IBM AIX PS/2 Usability Services
– 2 diskette (3.5″)
– manuals:
— IBM PS/2 Usability Services Reference
— IBM AIX PS/2 Usability Services User’s Guide
o IBM AIX PS/2 Text Formatting System
– 2 diskette (3.5″)
– manuals:
— IBM AIX PS/2 Text Formatting Guide
o IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows
– 2 diskette (3.5″)
– manuals:
— IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows User’s Guide
— IBM AIX PS/2 X-Windows Programmer’s Toolkit User’s Guide
User  management is  responsible for  evaluation, selection,  and
implementation   of   security   features,   for   administrative
procedures, and for appropriate  controls in application systems.
For applications  in which sensitive  data is sent  over external
communication  facilities, user  management  may  wish to  pursue
Consult your IBM Marketing Representative.
Consult  your IBM  Marketing  Representative  for the  applicable
One-Time Charge.
This  program  is available  from  IBM  under the  Agreement  for
purchase of IBM Products, and is subject to the Conditions of Use
contained in the program package. The Conditions of Use authorize
the customer to  use the program on  only one machine at  any one
Volume  discounts  are  available under  the  Volume  Procurement
Amendment (VPA) for Machines and Programs.
This  program will  be  included into  Category  A  of Exhibit  8
Educational Allowance is available .
IBM standard warranty  of media. Warranty period 3  months or the
period required by local legislation, if greater.
The Service End Date will be  12 months after Availability in the
customer’s country, or 15 months after Availability in the United
States,  whichever comes  first,  and  will be  published  before
Assistance  with PROBLEM  RELATED  queries  will be  provided  to
registered IBM  Customer Technical  Support Locations  (CTSLs) by
the  country  IBM  Support  Centre.   Such  service  will  be  in
accordance with  the Service  Statement included  in the  program
package,  and  will be  available  until  the Service  End  Date,
details of which are given in the section Service End Date.
Assistance with non-problem  related queries will be  provided to
CTSL’s by a country designated support group.
The  customer  should  establish  a  Customer  Technical  Support
Location (CTSL) to act as the focal point for end-user assistance
within the  customer’s organisation.  The CTSL  will also  be the
contact point to IBM for technical queries.
These programs  are eligible  for the  Authorization to  Copy IBM
Conditions   of  Use   programs.  Consult   your  IBM   Marketing
Representative for the applicable Charges Terms and Conditions.
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