EnergyScale for IBM POWER6 microprocessor-based systems

With increasing processor speed and density, denser system packaging, and other technology advances, system power and heat have become important design considerations. 

  The introduction of new technology including denser circuits, improved lithography, and higher clock speeds means that power consumption and heat generation, which are already significant problems with older systems, are significantly greater with IBM POWER6 processor-based designs, including both standalone servers and those implemented as blades for the IBM BladeCentert product line. In response, IBM has developed the EnergyScalee architecture, a system-level power management implementation for POWER6 processor-based machines.

The EnergyScale architecture uses the basic power control facilities of the POWER6 chip, together with additional board-level hardware, firmware, and systems software, to provide a complete power and thermal management solution. The EnergyScale architecture is performance aware, taking into account the characteristics of the executing workload to ensure that it meets the goals specified by the user while reducing power consumption….

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