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If you don’t have the same amount of luck as i had. You will have to restart the web server using CLI. You can only run satask commands if you connected to the CLI using the SSH private key which is associated with the user called superuser. No other SSH key will allow you to run satask commands:

sainfo lsservicenodes

panel_name cluster_id       cluster_name  node_id node_name relation node_status error_data
01-1       000002006540697C ldcluster-22b 1       node1     local    Active
01-2       000002006540697C ldcluster-22b 3       node2     partner  Active

To find out which node is the configuration node, run the following command

sainfo lsservicestatus <panel name>

the following line tells you which node is the config node:

node_id 1
node_name node1
node_status Active
config_node Yes
hardware 100

Use the following command to restart the web service on the configuration node

satask restartservice -service tomcat <panel name>