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I think, it’s the most important announce from April, 12th. A new console for managing Power systems was announced – Systems Director Management Console. It can manage the existing Power7 infrastructures instead of or with HMC. But I need to warn – in our tests a P770 Server, which were managed by the pre-release SDMC and HMC 7.7.2, has lost all of its LPARs. The most beautiful “pro” for SDMC is for those, who has a lot of Power blades. One doesn’t need anymore to manage them with IVM – they can all be managed from the single point of management – SDMC. If one has a diverse infrastructure with blades and “normal” servers, that can also be a surplus. The “cons” are, that one needs to learn new commands (they are almost the same with HMC, but one need to pretend every command with smcli), new “language” (e.g. Virtual Machine instead of LPAR), new interface (Systems Director interface instead of HMC).
Also I need to say, that SDMC will be THE ONLY console, which can manage Power8 servers. If you plan to live further with IBM Power, you need to learn one more thing 🙂

Redbook about SDMC –