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I don’t see a problem. All hypervisor calls are indeed syscalls from the point of view of AIX. They are executed on a FSP’s CPU. Could you tell me, on which CPU is executed this or that instruction? You can’t. You don’t have any possibility to trace that. What’s the difference for you, as the user, if the instruction is executed on one of your Power7/6/5 CPUs or on FSP’s CPU, which is also a Power CPU? Both are using PowerPC ABI, if you didn’t know it.
As I told, I don’t want to assure you, that only I say right. You can believe further in what you’d like. If it doesn’t pass to your logic, the same as to Gremlin’s, it doesn’t mean, that I say something wrong, it does mean, that your logic is corrupt, sorry. You misunderstand something – as with this quote. I don’t see any difference in what I say and what you quoted.