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кстати, вот еще интересная цитата (только нашел):
“The POWER4 processor introduced support for logical partitioning with a new
privileged processor state called POWER Hypervisor mode
. It is accessed using
POWER Hypervisor calls, which are generated by the operating system’s kernel
running in a partition. POWER Hypervisor mode allows for a secure mode of
operation that is required for various system functions where logical partition
integrity and security are required. The POWER Hypervisor validates that the
partition has ownership of the resources it is attempting to access, such as
processor, memory, and I/O, then completes the function. This mechanism
allows for complete isolation of partition resources.
In the POWER5 processor, further design enhancements are introduced that
enable the sharing of processors by multiple partitions. The POWER Hypervisor
Decrementer (HDEC) is a new hardware facility in the POWER5 design that is
programmed to provide the POWER Hypervisor with a timed interrupt
independent of partition activity. The HDEC is described in “POWER Hypervisor
Decrementer” on page 33. HDEC interrupts are routed directly to the POWER
Hypervisor, and use only POWER Hypervisor resources to capture state
information from the partition. The HDEC is used for fine-grained dispatching of
multiple partitions on shared processors. It also provides a means for the
POWER Hypervisor to dispatch physical processor resources for its own