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Подниму тему, благо на интересный материал наткнулся.

The POWER Hypervisor can also reset and reload the Service Processor. It will automatically invoke a
reset/reload of the SP if an error is detected. If the SP doesn’t respond and the reset/reload threshold is
reached, the POWER Hypervisor will initiate an orderly shutdown of the system. A downloadable no charge firmware update enables redundant Service Processor failover in properly configured i5-595, p5-
595, p5-590 and p5-570 servers. Once installed, if the error threshold for the failing SP is reached, the
system will initiate a failover from one Service Processor to the backup. Types of SP errors:
• Configuration I/O failure to the SP
• Memory-mapped I/O failure to the SP
• SP PCI-X/PCI bridge freeze condition
A Service Processor reset/reload is not disruptive and does not affect system operation. SP resets can
be initiated by either the POWER Hypervisor or the SP itself. In each case, the system, if necessary, will
initiate a smart dump of the SP control store to assist with problem determination if required.

Отсюда: IBM POWER5 Processor-based Servers: A Highly Available Design for Business-Critical Applications

Там, кстати, ещё шедевральная фраза есть:

Finally, only in the case where the corrupt data is used by the POWER Hypervisor would the entire system be terminated and automatically rebooted, preserving overall system integrity.

Это на тему внезапных падений машины целиком со всей кучей разделов. В общем, хорошо, что щас у нас есть Power7 с технологией Active Memory Mirroring for Hypervisor…