Re: Как вернуть управление IVM


Проблему решил. Большое спасибо всем и отдельное ViC.
Обновил HMC до версии 7.7.6 SP1.
Выключил лезвие и подключил к HMC.
выполнил шаги 5 и 6

Step 5 : Discover the blade.
a. In the HMC navigation area, click on Systems Management .

b . In the work panel, select Servers then click the task Connections > Add Managed System

c. On the Add Managed Systems panel, select Add a managed system then specify the blade FSP IP address configured in step 2.
If this is the first HMC to connect to the blade, leave the password field blank and click OK . Click Add .

d . In the navigation panel, click on Servers.

e. Wait for an IP address to appear in the list with a state of “Pending Authentication” with status “Pending Authentication – Password Updates Required”. This may take several minutes.

f. Select the IP address and click Update Password.
The user will be prompted to set the HMC Access password. Enter the HMC access password and confirm password. If prompted to set the password for “general” set that as well.

Step 6 : Initialize the profile data.
a. If the blade status shows “Power Off”, Power on to standby:

1) Click the task Properties , then the Power-On Parameters tab. Set “Partition start policy” to “User Initiated”. Click OK
2) Click the task Operations > Power on . Select Normal , then click OK
3) Wait for the blade to IPL. The status will show recovery with a reference code of STANDBY.

b. Select the server and click the task Recover Partition Data . Select Initialize the managed system and click OK to continue.
Note: If the initialize fails with an error referencing an open vterm session for partition 1, disable SOL per step 3 and retry the operation.

Обновил прошивку на лезвии на:
IBM Bladecenter POWER7 firmware AA730_099 – for SDMC-managed systems
01AA730_099_035 (на данный момент последняя)
Хотя в ее readme было написано что только для SDMC, но через HMC тоже обновилась.
(была aa730_066).
Теперь лезвие управляется через HMC вместе с другими power серверами.