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Если кому-то интересно решение масис по GW124P и всему, что с этим связано, то вот оно

FJRF – Fast journal recovery (DASYSCT2 col 172)
NOSJ – Journal recovery stream jobs (DASYSCT2 col 173)

CC174 introduced the functionality for fast journal recovery where applying of journals can be ran in stream jobs. However, this functionality is NOT available in any release as this was not fully tested. The 2 system options that control this functionality are NOT maintainable from menu so that it will NOT be activated.

However, during the upgrade from EQ342 to EQ382, somehow these 2 system options were set up to FJRF=Y and NOSJ =004 in DASYSCT2 data area.

When Fast Journaling is set to Y (FJRF=Y), UTM88R always read the first record of GW124P, but it does not release the lock. Thus succeeding jobs will have problem reading the first record and it will time-out.

Therefore, to resolve this issue, please change manually data area DASYSCT2 position 172 to 175 to be: ‘N000’.

Вот так вот все просто – косяк в процедуре миграции, полное отсутствие документации, мусор в дистрибудиве, 2 месяца времени на размышление, приезд специалиста… и проблем нет 😉