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# lscfg

The following resources are installed on the machine.
+/- = Added or deleted from Resource List.
* = Diagnostic support not available.

Model Architecture: chrp
Model Implementation: Multiple Processor, PCI bus

+ sys0 System Object
+ sysplanar0 System Planar
* pci4 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1 PCI Bus
+ fcs3 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C5-T1 FC Adapter
* fcnet3 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C5-T1 Fibre Channel Network Protocol Device
+ fscsi3 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C5-T1 FC SCSI I/O Controller Protocol Device
* sfwcomm4 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C5-T1-W0-L0 Fibre Channel Storage Framework Comm
* pci5 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1 PCI Express Bus
+ fcs0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C3-T1 4Gb FC PCI Express Adapter (df1000fe)
* fcnet0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C3-T1 Fibre Channel Network Protocol Device
+ fscsi0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C3-T1 FC SCSI I/O Controller Protocol Device
* sfwcomm1 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C3-T1-W0-L0 Fibre Channel Storage Framework Comm
+ fcs1 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C3-T2 4Gb FC PCI Express Adapter (df1000fe)
* fcnet1 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C3-T2 Fibre Channel Network Protocol Device
+ fscsi1 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C3-T2 FC SCSI I/O Controller Protocol Device
* sfwcomm2 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C3-T2-W0-L0 Fibre Channel Storage Framework Comm
* pci2 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1 PCI Bus
+ fcs2 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C4-T1 FC Adapter
* fcnet2 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C4-T1 Fibre Channel Network Protocol Device
+ fscsi2 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C4-T1 FC SCSI I/O Controller Protocol Device
* hdisk7 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C4-T1-W200400A0B8504F46-L1000000000000 MPIO DS4700 Disk
* hdisk8 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C4-T1-W200400A0B8504F46-L2000000000000 MPIO DS4700 Disk
* sfwcomm3 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C4-T1-W0-L0 Fibre Channel Storage Framework Comm
* hdisk6 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C4-T1-W200400A0B8504F46-L0 MPIO DS4700 Disk
* vio0 Virtual I/O Bus
* vhost0 U8204.E8A.0670BB2-V1-C11 Virtual SCSI Server Adapter
* vtscsi2 U8204.E8A.0670BB2-V1-C11-L4 Virtual Target Device – Disk
* vtscsi1 U8204.E8A.0670BB2-V1-C11-L3 Virtual Target Device – Disk
* vtopt0 U8204.E8A.0670BB2-V1-C11-L2 Virtual Target Device – File-backed Optical
* vtscsi0 U8204.E8A.0670BB2-V1-C11-L1 Virtual Target Device – Disk
* vsa0 U8204.E8A.0670BB2-V1-C0 LPAR Virtual Serial Adapter
* vty0 U8204.E8A.0670BB2-V1-C0-L0 Asynchronous Terminal
* pci1 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1 PCI Bus
+ usbhc0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1 USB Host Controller (33103500)
+ usbhc1 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1 USB Host Controller (33103500)
+ usbhc2 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1 USB Enhanced Host Controller (3310e000)
* pci0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1 PCI Bus
+ sissas0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-T9 PCI-X266 Planar 3Gb SAS Adapter
* sas0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-T9 Controller SAS Protocol
* sfwcomm0 SAS Storage Framework Comm
+ hdisk0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P2-D5 SAS Disk Drive (146800 MB)
+ hdisk1 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P2-D4 SAS Disk Drive (146800 MB)
+ hdisk2 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P2-D3 SAS Disk Drive (146800 MB)
+ hdisk3 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P2-D6 SAS Disk Drive (146800 MB)
+ hdisk4 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P2-D7 SAS Disk Drive (146800 MB)
+ hdisk5 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P2-D8 SAS Disk Drive (146800 MB)
+ ses0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P2-Y1 SAS Enclosure Services Device
* sata0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-T9 Controller SATA Protocol
+ cd0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P2-D2 SATA DVD-ROM Drive
* lhea0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1 Logical Host Ethernet Adapter (l-hea)
+ ent1 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C6-T3 Logical Host Ethernet Port (lp-hea)
+ ent0 U78A0.001.DNWGPRY-P1-C6-T1 Logical Host Ethernet Port (lp-hea)
+ L2cache0 L2 Cache
+ mem0 Memory
+ proc0 Processor