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Вот отсюдочки:Assigning and moving DVD RAM between LPARS

1. lsdev -type optical <–check if VIOS owns optical device (you should see sg. like: cd0 Available SATA DVD-RAM Drive)
2. lsmap -all <–to see if cd0 is already mapped and which vhost to use for assignment (lsmap -all | grep cd0)
3. mkvdev -vdev cd0 -vadapter vhost0 <–it will create vtoptX as a virtual target device (check with lsmap -all )

4. cfgmgr (on client lpar) <–bring up cd0 device on client (before moving cd0 device rmdev device on client first)

5. rmdev -dev vtopt0 -recursive <–to move cd0 to another client, remove assignment from vhost0
6. mkvdev -vdev cd0 -vadapter vhost1 <–create new assignment to vhost1

7. cfgmgr (on other client lpar) <–bring up cd0 device on other client