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Вот про конфиг/цены
Here is the configuration:

9406-800 with #2464/7408 and V5R3 OS/400 license, base 9793 pci 2line WAN with modem, base 9749 10/100 ethernet
#4531 dvd-rom
#2757 disk controller
2 x #3094 1gb memory (or 1 x #3096 2gb memory)
2 x #4326 35gb 15k disk
#0367 op console cable (can be attached to the 9793)
Your cost = $1,750 plus $850 delivery

+ ещё растоможка ведь…

Вот ответ про ключи:

Yes of course, we supply the base OS/400 license key with every machine so we will send the 5.3 key with this machine

Задам вопрос про список “keyed products”

Рухлядь-рухлядью, но ведь и $2500-3500 это ведь не $22 000.