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отослал подробное описание вызываемых функций в теклайн – получил невразумительный ответ

Customer question:

User Entitlements for applications: do we need them?
We use a Windows program, that uses IBM Client Access for i to remotely call APIs on the System i. These are the procedures we use, can you tell me do we need entitlements in this exact case or not?
// create connection. System name must be defined in Client Access configuration

rc = cwbRC_StartSys( m_szSystemName, // System eg. connection name
NULL, // (Optional) name
for this application
&m_hConnection); // System handle to be

// create program for each API based session / connection

rc = cwbRC_CreatePgm( lpszProgram,

// execute program / API

rc = cwbRC_CallPgm( hSys, m_hProgram, m_hError);
In the WRKACTJOB screen they are reflected as QZRCSRVS in the QUSRWRK subsystem (~170 concurrent jobs)

if the Windows application has to provide “credentials” to the system to execute the remote API then I believe user entitlements will be required.