RE: Принудительное удаление LUN в DS4800

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There was (don’t know if it still is) an option of manual intervention on a FAStT box itself. Login on IP address of controllerA (and in another session on controler B) with default passwd infiniti (or connect direclty with serial cable and your PC) and then run the following cmds:

1. hlmTestLunShow ( volume # )

2. hlmTestRelease ( host id, volume # )

The first command will print out several pieces of information, one of which is the host id of the reservation holder.
The second command will release the reservation.

-> hlmTestLunShow 0
LunNumber:0x0 LunInfo :0x15f35d4 State:0x0 QuiescenceFlag:0x0
Owner:0x1 IsReady :0x1
reserveId:0xe resv3rdId:0xffff
value = 131 = 0x83

->hlmTestRelease 0xe,0
so LUN#0 should be released now.

If you have 3 LUNs for example and you get an output like:

LUN ContrA ContrB
0 0xa 0xffff
1 0xffff 0x8
2 0xa 0xffff

then note:
0xffff means no reservation
we released Reservation with
– hlmTestRelease 0xa 0
– hlmTestRelease 0x8 1
– hlmTestRelease 0xa 2