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[spoiler]Allocating more disk space to rootvg

Even after you clean up, declutter, and do all you can to keep rootvg lean, you may still find yourself short of available disk space. To increase the disk allocation, you can do one or more of the following:

Allocate a new physical volume to rootvg using extendvg.
Increase an existing rootvg physical volume.
Mirror, migrate, or restore to a different, larger disk.

Adding a new disk to rootvg is easy enough. The extendvg command adds a new disk to the rootvg, which gives you extra physical partitions (PPs). But you may not need to increase rootvg by an entire disk.

If your rootvg is on a SAN subsystem, you may be able to increase the LUN size. You can recognize the larger disk by running the chvg -g rootvg command. Note that this option is supported for AIX 6.1 TL 4 or later. After rootvg is increased, verify using lsvg rootvg.

You can mirror the rootvg or migrate some of its logical volumes to a larger disk. See the AIX documentation about volume groups (Resources) for further information. The mksysb command is also an option if you want to back up the current rootvg and restore it to a different disk (see Resources).

Effects on backup and recovery

If you make significant changes to rootvg, whether it’s additional disk allocation, creation of new file systems, or moving file systems into other volume groups, be aware of the possible impact to backup sizes and schedules. You also need to keep in mind any system recovery procedures and infrastructure in case they are affected.[/spoiler]