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Victor Sedyakin

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The HMC (7042-CR5) has the following standard hardware attributes:

* 2.4 GHz Intel Quad-core processor with 8 MB cache.
* 4 GB (4 x 1 GB ) of DDR3 system memory.
* 300 GB hot-swap SATA SFF HDD.
* One SAS port, rear.
* Two video ports, one front and one rear.
* Integrated quad Gigabit Ethernet for scalable network communication.
* Four USB ports, two front and two rear.
* One PCI-X slot.
* One PCIe slot.
* Modems are available for customers planning to use ESA connection, but broadband connection is recommended. Either an external modem (#0032) or an internal modem (#0033) may be ordered. If no modem is ordered, then feature 0031 must be selected, which indicates that the modem has been declined. External modems can only be ordered for ship-to countries that are not homologated for internal modems. External modem voltage capabilities are 100 V – 240 V.