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LSPP, RBACPP, CAPP/EAL4+ for AIX 6100-00-02 with Workload Partitions and the Virtual I/O Server
IBM AIX Version 6.1 at Technology Level 6100-00-02 has been certified to meet the requirements of the Common Access Protection Profile (CAPP), the Labeled Security Protection Profile (LSPP) and the Role Based Access Control Protection Profile (RBACPP) for the Common Criteria for Information Security Evaluation (CC) at Evaluation Assurance Level 4+. The certificate was issued by the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI). The AIX 6 Workload Partitions (WPAR) and the Virtual I/O Server Version 1.5 component of the PowerVM feature of Power Systems were included in the evaluation. The certification id is BSI-DSZ-CC-0461-2008.

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