Re: 5 февраля


Добавлена поддержка EXP30 в IBM i (TR6).

Feature EDR1 is a 1U high I/O drawer providing 30 hot-swap SSD bays and 1 a pair of
integrated, large write cache, high-performance SAS controllers. Ultra-high levels of
performance are provided without using any PCIe slots on the POWER7 server in an
ultra-dense packaging design.
The two high-performance, integrated SAS controllers each physically provide 3.1 GB write
cache. Working as a pair, they provide mirrored write cache data and controller redundancy.
The cache contents are designed to be protected by built-in flash memory in case of power
failure. If the pairing is broken, write cache is not used after existing cache content is written
out to the drive and performance will probably be slowed until the controller pairing is
Each controller is connected to a GX++ PCIe adapter in a server (for example FC EJ0H) over
a PCIe x8 Cable (example: FC EN05 or FC EN07). Usually, both controllers are attached to
one server, but each controller can be assigned to a different server or partition or VIOS.
Active/Active capability is supported, assuming at least two RAID arrays. The controllers
provide RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 10 for AIX and Linux and VIOS. The controllers
provide RAID 5 and RAID 6 for IBM i.
AIX, Linux, VIOS, and, IBM i also provide OS mirroring
The adapter’s CCIN is 57C3.
eMLC SSD designed to fit in the Ultra drawer bays such as the 387 GB feature ES02 SSD are
used. A minimum of six SSDs are required in each Ultra drawer. Each controller can access
all 30 SSD bays. The bays can be configured as one set of bays run by a pair of controllers
working together. Or the bays can be divided into two logical sets where each of the two
controllers “owns” one of the logical sets. With proper software, if one of the controllers fails,
the other controller can run both sets of bays.

Консоль и прошивки:

When using the HMC with the Power 710 and Power 730 server, the HMC
code must be running at V7R7.7.0 (SP1) level, or later.
Прошивка у новых серверов тоже 770-ая.