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а как на счет 5906 PCI-X DDR 1.5GB Cache SAS RAID Adapter ? он плохой?

The IBM 5904 PCI-X DDR 1.5 GB cache SAS RAID Adapter is a SAS disk controller with a maximum of 1.5 GB compressed write cache and a maximum 1.6 GB compressed read cache. Auxiliary write cache and concurrent battery maintenance are provided. The IBM 5904 controller is implemented using two physical adapters that are securely connected to form a double-wide adapter. The double-wide adapter requires two adjacent Peripheral Component Interconnect-X (PCI-X) slots. The auxiliary write cache side of the double-wide adapter contains a dual, concurrently maintainable cache battery pack which maintains cache memory on both adapters in the event of an abnormal termination. When used in a logical partition (LPAR) environment, this double-wide adapter must have both slots of the adapter assigned to the same logical partition. When implementing dynamic LPAR (DLPAR), both slots of the adapter must be managed together. Feature 5904, 5906, and 5908 are all feature codes representing the same PCI-X DDR 1.5 GB cache SAS RAID Adapter. Different feature codes indicate if a blind swap cassette is used and its type: * Feature 5904 indicates no blind swap cassette. The IBM 5904 is used in enclosures that do not use blind swap cassettes….