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ну так читайте “вот”:

(#3578) – 300 GB 10,000 RPM Ultra320 SCSI Disk Drive Assembly

(No Longer Available as of September 14, 2007)

The 300 GB 10,000 RPM Ultra320 SCSI Disk Drive Assembly provides 300 GB of storage capacity and supports the industry standard Ultra320 SCSI interface speed of up to 320 MBps.


Form Factor: 3.5-inch, 1-inch (25 mm) high
Cable included: No
External Interface: Ultra320 SCSI (16-bit, Low Voltage Differential)
Attachment Industry Spec: SCSI U320
Average Seek Time: 4.9 ms (based on four(4) READS to one(1) WRITE)
Average Latency: 2.99 ms
Rotational Speed: 10,000 RPM
Maximum Data Transfer Rate: 88 MBps

Limitation: This disk drive requires attachment to a supported Ultra320 SCSI Adapter in a system that supports an Ultra320 SCSI cable/backplane in order for the drive to run at 320 MBps. Also, any and all other SCSI devices on the same SCSI bus must also be Ultra2, Ultra3, or Ultra320 SCSI device(s) in order for this disk drive to run at 320 MBps.

Attributes provided: 300 GB of disk storage mounted in a carrier.
Attributes required: One disk drive bay.
For 7028-6E4: (#3578)
Minimum required: 0
Maximum allowed: 4 (Initial order maximum: 4 )
OS level required: AIX V4.3 or higher PSSP levels 3.1, 3.2 and higher Linux- Refer to the following Web Site for Linux information:

Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Both
CSU: Yes
Return parts MES: No

есть у Вас “supported Ultra320 SCSI Adapter”? насколько я понял из редбука и по ссылкам, система поставляется с одним адаптером Ultra3, а дополнительные U320 адаптеры ставятся только для работы с внешней корзиной. т.е. в корзину Вы поставить этот диск можете, а вот в сервер…