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судя по устройству этой карты батарейка в ней на ходу не меняется, надо карту вынимать.
это будет возможно в том случае если карт будет две и они будут работать в паре (SAS-мультипасинг). я так понял….

нету там батарей вообще…

Interestingly, the feature 5319 controller also has flash memory as its cache, so it does not need to be backed up by memory as the prior generations of cached disk controllers in the Power Systems lineup required. So now, you don’t need to go mucking about changing the batteries on the controllers when they drop dead, and if a system goes haywire, the flash memory on the controller will hold the data until the power comes back on. As has been the case for many years, IBM recommends that disk controllers be paired on mission-critical back-end systems where data loss cannot be tolerated.