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если ДС-ка ничего не пишет при подключении ком-портом, она либо совсем-совсем дохлая, либо Вы неправильно соединяетесь.
Проверяйте что кабель дейстивтельно нуль-модемный. Далее – по инструкции:

1. Connect Controller of the FAStT Storage Server with a null modem cable. Start a terminal emulation on the host system with the following settings:

115200 baud
8 data bits
no parity
one stop bit
Hardware (or XON/XOFF flow control) it works in both cases

2. Connect to the FAStT Storage Server and send a break signal to the controller. This will vary depending on the terminal emulation. For most terminal emulations, like HyperTerm, which is included in the Microsoft Windows products, type .

3. If you only receive unreadable characters, send a break signal again, until this message appears:
Press for baud rate within 5 seconds to ensure the correct baud rate setting.

4. Send a break signal to the controller again by typing .
5. Press to access the shell of the controller.