Re: eConfig


продукт был доступен уже 20 числа.
я поставил на Win7 64bit, проверил, все работает.


The e-config Data Migration Guidelines provide guidance on performing an optional data migration step. It contains specific steps to download and use the Data Migrator tool. It also contains information on known problems and their resolutions, limitations and troubleshooting to help the user during data migration.

Only e-config end users who store portfolios in their core database should perform the optional data migration to move these portfolios into the new core database prior to updating e-config. For help in making your decision about this optional step, go to File -> ‘Open…’ in your e-config application. If the portfolio window that opens is empty or contains only portfolios that you do not wish to migrate, then you can safely skip data migration. If you see portfolios, that you would want to continue using after upgrading, then you need to perform data migration. Please read this document prior to starting data migration to help ensure a successful data migration.