Re: eConfig



The release of IBM Configurator for e-business (e-config) with Windows 7 64-bit support is scheduled to begin deploying January 18, 2013 and ready for users on January 21, 2013 (previous target 4Q2012).

Although we understand the significant benefits of Win 7 64-bit support to our user community, a 4Q2012 deployment of such a significant enhancement, runs the risk of disruption to product announcement support and end of year business.


What are the key features in this version of IBM Configurator for e-business?

* Windows 7 Professional 64-bit support
* New core database allowing up to 2 GB of data for portfolios saved within the IBM Configurator for e-business application
* Remove dependencies on obsolete software, such as Microsoft JVM
* Data migration capabilities to migrate portfolios from old IBM Configurator for e-business database to new database prior to actual upgrade (will save considerable time during the actual upgrade)
* Database compression capabilities to reduce the size of the database

What editions of Windows 7 64-bit will be supported?
* Windows 7 Professional 64-bit