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цитирую Lukas Beeler:

After updating my PMRs and contacting the EMEA Keycenter again, i was
contacted by an IBM employee from Switzerland, who told me that
software support can’t help me, and i’ll have to dick this out with
the EMEA keycenter and/or the distributor through which i’ve ordered
the upgrade (which, since i’ve ordered online, is IBM).

He told me that i should initiate a DVD shipment through our
distributor, since that’s probably speedier than resolving the
download issue.

I don’t think this is funny anymore, it’s just a massive FAIL.

:laugh: :laugh:

Есть такое хитрое место[/url], где лежат все диски с LIC начиная с 5.4. (на ссылку можно зайти с браузера)
очень надеюсь, что в ближайшее время там появится диск с 7.1