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IBM i 7.1

The IBM i operating system, coupled with Power Systems servers and blades, provides a scalable and virus resistant architecture with a proven reputation for exceptional business resiliency. For many years, clients running their business applications on IBM i have been able to focus on innovation and delivering new value to their business, rather than focusing on managing their data center operations. Today’s announcement of the latest version, IBM i 7.1, carries on that tradition while also delivering enhancements to many key elements of the IBM i infrastructure – database, management, virtualization and Web application serving. These enhancements, designed to help clients reduce costs, improve service and manage risk of their IT infrastructure, include:

• The integrated DB2® database for IBM i now supports XML, enabling clients to store and search XML documents within DB2 for i and to create XML documents from relational data. DB2 for i is also enabled to support the calling of field procedures which can allow a partner application to transparently encrypt a specific column in a database table, enabling clients to further protect sensitive information.

• In IBM i 7.1, storage management leverages Solid State Drive technology by automatically moving data that is accessed most frequently to SSDs, helping to improve application performance.

• IBM i virtualization support offers increased flexibility for running multiple IBM i releases on a single server to support a broad scope of applications and to simplify the migration to IBM i 7.1. Specifically, PowerVM VIOS or IBM i 6.1 can host the storage of IBM I 7.1 partitions, and IBM i 7.1 can host the storage of IBM i 6.1, AIX, and Linux partitions.

• The Web application serving technologies of IBM i 7.1 – Apache, Java™, Integrated Web Application Server, Integrated Web Services Server, and Zend PHP environment – have
been updated, thus enabling clients to extend existing applications to the Web to improve service provided to their customers, suppliers and partners.

• IBM i 7.1 integration with BladeCenter and System x® via iSCSI technology includes support for software target support, additional operating system support (VMware VSphere 4.0, Windows® Server 2008 R2) and a new installation wizard.

Support and availability

IBM i 7.1 is supported on all Power Systems servers and blades, including those designed with the latest POWER7 processor technology. It is also supported on IBM System i® servers using POWER5™, POWER5+™ and POWER6™ processors. The IBM i processor groups for the POWER7 processor-based blades announced today are:

– BladeCenter PS700 Express P05
– BladeCenter PS701 Express P10
– BladeCenter PS702 Express P10

Upgrades to IBM i 7.1 are supported from IBM i 5.4 and i 6.1, including all supported machine code levels for those releases. IBM i software value packs have been updated to allow value pack ordering with IBM i 7.1 products. Planned availability for IBM i 7.1 is April 23, 2010.

PowerHA System Mirror for i 7.1

To help clients keep their business critical IBM i applications available 24 x 7, IBM announces
PowerHA SystemMirror for i 7.1. PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 is the next generation follow-on to PowerHA 6.1 for i. PowerHA SystemMirror is a complete IBM hardware solution that protects against a wide range of possible interruptions, including network outages, application failures and hardware failures, as well as the more common planned outage events.

PowerHA SystemMirror for i 7.1 is a robust, easy-to-use high availability, disaster recovery (HA/DR) clustering solution for IBM i environments. Designed to provide monitoring, detection, and automation for both the data center and multi-site deployments, PowerHA SystemMirror for i 7.1 is available in Standard and Enterprise Editions. The Standard Edition is optimized for data center operations and includes support for LUN (logical unit) level switching, space efficient flash copy and geographic mirroring asynchronous mode. The Enterprise Edition provides all of the capabilities of the Standard Edition plus technologies that enable clients with business critical data to survive site-wide disasters or outages via real-time data mirroring and long distance failover. Among these multi-site HA/DR functions provided with the Enterprise Edition are geographic mirroring asynchronous mode and Global Mirror and Metro Mirror support for the DS8000 and DS6000 IBM storage servers.

Planned availability for PowerHA SystemMirror for i 7.1 is April 23, 2010