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Statement of direction
IBM intends to enhance its systems management capabilities for Power Systems
hardware as follows:
• Continued integration between the base platform management capabilities in
HMC and advanced capabilities in IBM Systems Director
• Enhancement of the HMC to add support for Power Systems blades and mixed
rack and blade server environments
• New HMC virtual appliance offering
• New process for transitioning from SDMC to HMC
• Improved usability
• Enhancement of HMC to provide RAID 1 support

IBM intends to provide PowerVM Live Partition Mobility support for IBM i partitions
on IBM PureFlex Systems.

IBM plans that POWER6® servers running the IBM i release following 7.1 will not
support the older, slower HSL/RIO-attached I/O drawers. This planning statement
does not impact POWER7 clients or IBM i 7.1 clients. POWER7 servers do not
support HSL/RIO I/O drawers and there is no change to IBM i 7.1 HSL/RIO support.
IBM i clients who have an HSL/RIO-attached I/O drawer or tower such as the
features 5094/5294, 0595/5095, 0588/5088, 5790, or 5791/5794 should plan on
moving to newer 12X-attached I/O drawers on their POWER6 server before moving
to the release following IBM i 7.1. Note that HSL/RIO I/O drawers or towers are the
only enclosure that supports IOP adapters on a POWER6 server. Attachment to some
older devices is only provided through an IOP-based adapter. For example, IOPbased
communication adapters are required for SDLC/SNA/X.25 device attachment.
Likewise, an IOP is required for twinax device attachment without a protocol

new HW

PCIe2 RAID SAS Adapter Dual-port 6Gb (#ESA1, #ESA2)
A new low profile PCIe Gen2 SAS adapter (#ESA2) is small enough to fit in the 2U Power 710/730 or in the 2U PCIe Riser card of the Power 720/740. It supports SSDs providing RAID 0, 5, 6 and 10 capabilities using a single PCIe slot. A full high version (#ESA1) is available for taller Power Systems PCIe Gen2 slots. Though its overall SSD performance capacity is lower than that of the #5913 PCIe2 1.8GB Cache RAID SAS Adapter announced in October 2011, its ability to fit in 2U space, use of only one PCIe slot, and price performance can be advantageous. Note that there is no VIOS support for this adapter.

387 GB SFF SSD with eMLC (#ES0B, #ES0D)
SSD capacity and performance are doubled for SFF SAS bays with a 387 GB eMLC solid state drive (#ES0B/ES0D). These SSDs have twice the capacity of the existing 177GB SSDs and their price per GB is significantly improved.

PCIe2 4-port 1Gb Ethernet Adapter (#5260, #5899)
The PCIe2 4-port 1Gb Ethernet Adapter (#5260/5899) offers four copper/UTP Ethernet ports at a significantly lower price than the existing 4-port UTP adapters (#5271/5717).

PCIe2 LP 8Gb 4-port Fibre Channel Adapter (#EN0Y)
The PCIe2 LP 8Gb 4-port Fibre Channel Adapter (#EN0Y) is a low profile adapter for Gen2 slots. It is smaller than, but functionally equivalent to, the existing full high 4-port 8Gb adapter (#5729) announced in October 2011. IBM i requires VIOS for this adapter.

80/160GB DAT160 USB Tape Drive (#EU16)
The 80/160GB DAT160 USB Tape Drive (#EU16) is enclosed in a Power 720/740/750 system unit and driven through a USB connection. Its drive performance is the same as the existing SAS DAT160 drives (#5619), but it does not use the integrated SAS controller and thus may offer an overall performance advantage to the system. IBM i requires VIOS for this drive.