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havoc писал(а):

При попытке сделать Check system readiness из HMC выдает ошибку “HSCF0093E Unable to determine managed system readiness. Error code E302F933.” Описание ошибки: An exception occurred in the getRedundantFspInfoExt() method to the primary service processor when attempting to determine the state of the secondary service processor.
Problem determination. Reboot the HMC and retry the operation. If the error occurs again, contact your next level of support.
Сами сервисные процессоры доступны, и из HMC (status – available), и просто пингуются. Поддержки след. уровня нет ( Перезагрузка HMC не помогла.

Собственно вопрос – что это за зверь и как можно понять, что именно не работает?

System in Half Genesis Mode
Systems Affected:
9117-570, 9406-570, 9119-590, 9119-595 and 9406-595 systems, running system firmware release level SF235 or SF240 that was installed when the system was manufactured, and that have the redundant service processor feature installed and enabled.
Problem Description:
On the affected systems, prior to performing a concurrent firmware update or disabling service processor redundancy during runtime, see if the system is in half genesis mode. Half Genesis mode means that only one of the two service processors has successfully booted the system and verified all its connections.
Product Engineering strongly recommends the installation HMC code V6R1.3 or V7R3.3 (or higher) prior to the installation of system firmware. When installing system firmware using an HMC at these levels, the HMC will automatically check for this condition prior to code load (via System Readiness Check).

Procedure to check if system is in half genesis mode via the HMC:
If half genesis mode is detected by the System Readiness Check, then the following message will be displayed to the user:

HSCF0152E Service processor on is in half-genesis condition.
Licensed Internal Code update will cause loss of service processor redundancy.
The system must be powered off and a service processor failover must be initiated
before updating Licensed Internal Code.

Прошивку рекомендую обновить до уровня 240_358 или 240_382