If using the Electronic Download Delivery (ESD) process along
with image catalogs to upgrade to Version 7 Release 1, there
is a new API called QVOIFIMG that will allow you to add all
files within the image catalog directory to the image catalog
automatically. This API is being provided as PTFs in V5R4,
V6R1 and V7R1 and will be available in May of 2010.
The PTF numbers are:

V5R4Mx – SI39365
V6R1Mx – SI39364
V7R1Mx – SI39362

Фиксы пока недоступны для скачивания, но уже есть информация об API QVOIFIMG из инфоцентра 7.1, вернее из кешей гугля 😉

Fill Image Catalog (QVOIFIMG) API

Required Parameter Group:

1 Image catalog name Input Char(10)
2 Type of files to add Input Char(10)
3 Error code I/O Char(*)

Default Public Authority: *USE

Threadsafe: No

The Fill Image Catalog (QVOIFIMG) API finds multiple files within an image catalog directory and adds them to the specified image catalog.

The specified image catalog needs to be empty. If an image catalog is specified that is not empty, any image catalog index entries that exist in the catalog will be removed before adding the files found within the image catalog directory. Note that the file itself will not be deleted, just the index in the catalog.

As an image catalog can only contain 256 image catalog entries, only the first 256 files found that match the criteria will be added to the image catalog.

A typical use of the QVOIFIMG API follows:

Use the CRTIMGCLG command to create a new image catalog.
Use the ESD process to download the required images to the image catalog directory.
Use the QVOIFIMG API to add the downloaded files to the image catalog.
Use the WRKIMGCLGE command to ensure all the expected files were added.
Use the LODIMGCLG command to associate the image catalog with a virtual device.
Use the LODIMGCLGE command to mount each of the catalog entries to verify they are valid images.

Authorities and Locks
Image Catalog Authority
QUSRSYS Authority
Image Catalog Lock
Image Catalog Directory Path Prefix
Execute (*X)
Image File Parent Directory
Read (*R)
Execute (*X)
Image Catalog Directory Files
Read (*R)
Object management (*OBJMGT)

Required Parameter Group
Image catalog name
The image catalog name.

Type of files to add
Specifies which files found within the image catalog directory should be added to the specified image catalog.

The valid values are:

Specifies that files the have an extension of .iso will get added to the specified image catalog.
A value of *ISO will only work with an optical image catalog. If a value of *ISO is specified along with a tape image catalog, the catalog will not be changed.

Specifies that all files found in the image catalog directory will be added to the image catalog.
For tape image catalogs, only valid tape image files will be added to the catalog.

For optical image catalogs, tape image files will not be added to the catalog.

Error code
I/O; CHAR(*)
The structure in which to return error information. For the format of the structure, see Error code parameter.

Error Messages
Message ID Error Message Text
CPF3C4B E Value not valid for field *.
CPF24B4 E Severe error while addressing parameter list.
CPF3CF1 E Error code parameter not valid.
CPF9802 E Not authorized to object &2 in &3.
CPF9803 E Cannot allocate object &2 in library &3.
CPF9804 E Object &2 in library &3 damaged.
CPFBC28 E Image catalog entry not added to image catalog &1.
CPFBC45 E Image catalog &1 not found.
CPFBC4B E Image catalog &1 in use.
CPF9872 E Program or service program &1 in library &2 ended. Reason code &3.