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открываю System i and System p Reference Codes. Читаю, что написано. Первые 4 цифры – сам SRC, вторые 4 цифры – Unit Reference Code. SRC 1xxx – System Power Control Network (SPCN) reference codes. Читаю и по инструкции нахожу в Таблице 1 последние 4 цифры – 00AD – Service Processor Reset caused a system power off. Failing Item – TWRCARD. Нахожу этот самый TWRCARD здесь –
1. Are you here because your system produced system reference code (SRC) 1100 00AD?
The 1100 00AD SRC might be caused by the service processor being intentionally reset. An intentional reset is caused by actions like a pin hole reset, ASMI or part replacements. An intentional reset requires no service action.
If your system produced the 1100 00AD SRC and no intentional reset was the cause of this SRC, go to the next step.
2. A SPCN card might be failing. The SPCN card is located either on an adapter style card or integrated on the system backplane
5. If you are working on a model 505, 510, 51A, 55x, OpenPower® 710 or OpenPower 720, replace the system backplane (see SYSBKPL). This ends the procedure.

ну и т.д. Читайте в общем внимательнее 😉