RE: Sun готова продаться IBM дешевле



IBM никогда никому ничего не гарантирует.
В тему … выкладываю пост с альянса одного из посетителей. Вполне объективная оценка IBM.

I have worked at IBM for over a decade. However, I am more familiar with Sun products than those of IBM and have supported SunOS, Solaris, and Sun hardware throughout the majority of that time. I was RA’d during this March event, and I want anyone out there from Sun Microsystems (and its partners) to heed these warnings. You will not be treated with any respect. Regardless of your contributions to your company currently or over the years of your employment, as an individual you are of no value to IBM. Hard work, intelligence, innovation — nothing matters to the executives and bean counters that are in charge these days. They are captured by Wall Street’s desire for positive quarterly earnings reports. They are only concerned with their paychecks and the stock price for this term which are going to reflect the degree to which they have reduced costs. It does not matter how badly the service will suffer in the future. It does not matter how much they have destroyed the potential for future innovation. The reaction of the day-traders rules the market and the direction of corporations today. Research and development have been jettisoned and quality of service has been replaced by the drive to lower the costs for the moment. IBM has acquired a number of companies over the past few years in an effort to expand their portfolio. They have not integrated their products with IBM, but instead have tossed aside the developers and support staff. There are plenty of examples from hardware and software that are enumerated here and elsewhere, just look up some of them over the past few years (and don’t miss smaller players such as Transarc and Datapower).Sun is larger, but it will be no different. The Sparc processor could be tossed aside in favor of the struggling Power chips. Storage, application software, sales, training, etc. will be redundant to IBM and will be dropped over time. Support contracts (phone and field engineers) will be migrated into IBM’s model, though it may take time. Eventually, there will be a lot of people on the street looking for jobs. Sun utilizes a lot of partners in hardware support, training, etc. and they will all be in jeopardy as they are annexed by the “empire” that IBM has become. The frightening thing is that those who have no affiliation with IBM should be very worried as well. As technical support that was once considered to be paid at Band 6, 7, and 8 is moved to a GDF and paid at a Band 3, 4, and 5 level, it is only going to devalue the work that is done in the IT industry regardless of the company for which you are working. IBM’s direction is going to turn the skilled and intellectually valued positions that we occupy into minimum wage jobs of tomorrow. The clients’ environments will suffer, the perception of our skills will suffer, and our country’s labor force will suffer. What can you do? Fight it now. You can join the CWA union now, while you still have a chance. If you are with Sun, join now and be ready to fight. If you are still with IBM and have survived until the next round of arbitrary firings, sign up. You can also speak up. Talk to your coworkers. Believe me, too many of them are unaware of what is actually happening. They may have drank the Kool-Aid that the corporations are handing them or they have on their blinders to the activity around them. Post comments to the stories you come across on internet new sites. Send letters to your local media and politicians. Not all of this will matter or make a difference, but enough actions will add up to the point that they cannot be ignored, Together we can all make sure that we matter. The NBC new mention of IBM on 4/3 shows that the situation is at least gaining some recognition. Those who have been RA’d: do not give up. If you do not make your voice heard, the travesties that have been implemented at IBM will only spread to other areas of our industry. IBM is large enough that its decisions will have an effect on how we are treated regardless of who may employ us in the future. Do not let IBM’s devaluation of its professional staff reach beyond its borders. We need to make certain that our skills and knowledge are valued, that quality of service is valued at least as much as cost. This should not only be a revolution in the way that IBM employees are treated, but throughout the industry before it reaches everyone out there to the extent that it has within the range of IBM. It is tough to equate having the skills and knowledge that we do with the need to organize or fight in the way that the assembly line workers in the industrial revolution needed to do, but the time is now. You need to recognize that corporations do not have your best interests in mind. But they also do not have the best technology, service, or long-term strategies in mind, either. The goal has become short-term gains, and the workers need to stand for what they know to be the best course for themselves and the industry. Don’t sit quietly and let it happen on your watch.

Мое мнение – слух про поглощение SUN был специально запущен и пропиарен IBM к концу квартала. Это чистой воды спекуляция. IBM пиаром этой темы хочет показать, что у нее есть несколько миллиардов, которые она не знает куда деть… :laugh: Прям тонут в кэше… :laugh: