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      Кто хочет поработать в Арабских Эмиратах?

      Назначение на 1 год
      Вот требования:

      [hide]Bachelor’s degree in computer science, management information systems, or related field preferred
      Experience working with HPC systems administration and maintenance
      Experience working with parallel file systems (e.g., GPFS), system performance monitoring and tuning, troubleshooting in an HPC cluster environment, node provisioning in a Linux (e.g., RHEL) environment, resource management, software installation, and configuration management
      Experience working with system documentation and storage procedures
      Strong analytical and problem solving skills
      Experience in Cluster provisionning (e.g., xCAT), batch scheduler (installing, configuring, and maintaining job management support tools – e.g., Loadleveler), InfiniBand interconnects (e.g., QLogic)
      Experience in setting up backup and archiving procedures (e.g. TSM)
      Experience with bash, tcsh/csh, perl and/or python

      Desired Qualifications:
      Experience providing scientific software for users, e.g. configuring, installing, tuning and maintaining such software.
      Experience supporting HPC compilers and libraries, e.g. MPI stacks, OFED stacks, etc.
      Experience installing MPI libraries and OpenMP.
      Experience configuring, installing, maintaining and/or using debugging, performance monitoring and optimization tools.
      Experience with CUDA, OpenCL and GPGPU hardware installation/management

      Note that GPFS & xCAT are part of the training of our proposalwill be provided as part of the training. It is however critical that the sys admin is experienced, independant and previously worked on HPC systems

      Резюме просьба направлять на адрес AIXportal (тот который указан внизу страницы)[/hide]

      ---As If, But Not---

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      я хочу. но опыта с HPC нет.

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