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      2.0 Important Information

      Service Processor flash memory errors (8204-E8A and 9409-M50 systems only)

      IBM strongly recommends updating to System Firmware level EL340_061 or later as this firmware provides improved reliability to the 8204-E8A and 9409-M50 servers. One enhancement prevents accumulation of single bit errors in the memory used to store System Firmware by periodically correcting single bit errors automatically. If a significant number of such errors were to accumulate, the server may not boot successfully after main power is lost or removed. We strongly recommend customers update both the Temporary and Permanent copies of System Firmware when performing this upgrade. Updating both the Temporary and Permanent copies allows both memory areas to be corrected. It is critical the System Firmware update uses one of the two methods listed below. Updating System Firmware from the operating system may not correct all existing single bit errors.

      Note: Do not remove main power from the server before updating the System Firmware.

      This level of firmware requires HMC V7 R3.4.0 and MH01163

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