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    IBM BladeCenter JS23 and JS43 Implementation Guide)
    (релиз от 01 September 2009)

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    от 14 июля 2009…

    IBM Power 520 and Power 550 (POWER6) System Builder

    This IBM Redbooks® publication covers the POWER6 520 and 550 unified models 8203-E4A and 8204-E8A as of May 2009. It is intended for professionals who want to acquire a better understanding of IBM Power Systems products.

    Table of contents

    Chapter 1. Introduction to the IBM Power 520 and Power 550 servers
    Chapter 2. IBM Power 520 (MTM 8203-E4A)
    Chapter 3. IBM Power 550 (MTM 8204-E8A)
    Chapter 4. Adapter feature descriptions and related information
    Chapter 5. EXP24 Disk Enclosures
    Chapter 6. EXP 12S SAS Disk Enclosure
    Chapter 7. PCIe 12X I/O Drawer (#5802)
    Chapter 8. Integrated Virtual Ethernet
    Chapter 9. Feature Code to CCIN cross-reference
    Chapter 10. IBM System i schematics for supported expansion units and towers
    Chapter 11. Tape and optical storage attachment summary
    Chapter 12. RIO-2, 12X, SPCN, line cord, SAS, and communication cables for Power 520 and Power 550 systems
    Appendix A. IBM AIX operating system and release level summary
    Appendix B. IBM i operating system and licensed program release level summary
    Appendix C. RAID history and definitions summary
    Appendix D. Solid state disk (SSD) drives
    Appendix E. Upgrades to Power 520 and 550
    Appendix F. PowerVM and Management Edition for AIX
    Appendix G. IBM i user license entitlement summary
    Appendix H. IBM I/O adapters that require an IOP summary
    Appendix I. Processor feature numbers, system performance, and IBM i QPRCFEAT system value
    Appendix J. POWER6 reliability, availability, and serviceability summary

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    вышел новый редбук

    IBM i 6.1 Technical Overview

    Publish Date
    23 October 2009

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    вышло новое руководство для поклонников iASP


    IBM i 6.1 Independent ASPs A Guide to Quick Implementation of Inependent ASPs

    Publish Date
    10 December 2009


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    вышел релиз новой книги IBM Systems Director Navigator for i

    Publish Date
    02 December 2009



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    Вышли свежие редакции редбуков по 520ой и 550ой моделькам.

    redp4403 (520)

    redp4404 (550)

    Очень подробно описано внутреннее устройства железок. Рекомендую. :laugh:

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    SG24-7120-01 IBM i and IBM System Storage: A Guide to Implementing External Disks on IBM i

    September 2008

    Take advantage of DS8000 and DS6000
    with IBM i
    Learn about the storage performance
    and HA enhancements in IBM i 6.1
    Understand how to migrate
    from internal to external disks

    AbstractThis IBM® Redbooks® publication provides a broad discussion of a new architecture of the IBM System Storage™ DS6000™ and DS8000™ and how these products relate to System i™ servers. The book includes information for both planning and implementing IBM System i with the IBM System Storage DS6000 or DS8000 series where you intend to externalize the i5/OS® loadsource disk unit using boot from SAN. It also covers migration from System i internal disks to IBM System Storage DS6000 and DS8000.

    This book is intended for IBMers, IBM Business Partners, and customers in the planning and implementation of external disk attachments to System i servers.

    The newest release of this book accounts for the following new functions of IBM System i POWER6™, i5/OS V6R1, and IBM System Storage DS8000 Release 3:
    — System i POWER6 IOP-less Fibre Channel
    — i5/OS V6R1 multipath load source support
    — i5/OS V6R1 quiesce for Copy Services
    — i5/OS V6R1 High Availability Solution Manager (HASM)
    — i5/OS V6R1 SMI-S support
    — i5/OS V6R1 multipath resetter HSM function
    — System i HMC V7
    — DS8000 R3 space efficient FlashCopy®
    — DS8000 R3 storage pool striping
    — DS8000 R3 System Storage Productive Center (SSPC)
    — DS8000 R3 Storage Manager GUI
    Table of contentsPart 1. Introduction
    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. IBM System Storage solutions
    Chapter 3. System i external storage solution examples
    Part 2. Planning and sizing
    Chapter 4. i5/OS planning for external storage
    Chapter 5. Sizing external storage for i5/OS
    Part 3. Implementation and additional topics
    Chapter 6. Implementing external storage with i5/OS
    Chapter 7. Migrating to i5/OS boot from SAN
    Chapter 8. Using DS CLI with System i
    Chapter 9. Using DS GUI with System i
    Chapter 10. Installing the IBM System Storage DS6000 storage system
    Chapter 11. Usage considerations for Copy Services with i5/OS
    Chapter 12. Cloning i5/OS
    Chapter 13. Troubleshooting i5/OS with external storage
    Appendix A. FAQs for boot from SAN with IOP-less and #2847 IOP-based Fibre Channel
    Appendix B. HMC CLI command definitions

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    вышел ремейк известного бестселера IBM i5/OS Program Conversion: Getting Ready for i5/OS V6R1 под названием
    IBM i Program Conversion: Getting Ready for 6.1 and Beyond

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    SG24-7858-00 IBM i 7.1 Technical Overview

    Draft Document for Review August 17, 2010(12Mb)

    …. Concurrent removal of disk units with IBM i 7.1 is now also supported for SYSBAS, i.e.
    system ASP and user ASP disk units, eliminating the previous need for downtime to IPL to
    DST for removing disk units from the configuration…

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    IBM Systems Director
    Management Console
    Introduction and Overview


    Documents the SDMC appliance, which uses the Systems Director user interface
    Discusses the differences between the HMC and SDMC
    Provides a practical guide to the SDMC

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    October 12, 2011

    IBM Power 710 and 730 (8231-E1C, 8231-E2C) Technical Overview and Introduction

    IBM Power 720 and 740 (8202-E4C, 8205-E6C) Technical Overview and Introduction

    IBM Power 770 and 780 (9117-MMC, 9179-MHC) Technical Overview and Introduction

    Creating IBM i Client Partitions Using Virtual Partition Manager (VPM)
    This IBM Redpaper provides steps, considerations, limitations, and links to information
    regarding creation of IBM i Client Partitions using the third generation of Virtual Partition
    Manager (VPM).

    Beginning with IBM i 7.1, the Virtual Partition Manager has been enhanced and now allows
    you to create and manage Linux partitions and IBM i partitions without the use of the
    Hardware Management Console (HMC), Systems Director Management Console (SDMC) or
    Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM). It involves the use of VPM and the new support for
    Ethernet layer-2 bridging between a physical ethernet adapter and a virtual ethernet adapter
    which provides the ability for an IBM i partition to share a physical Ethernet connection with
    other partitions in the same system.


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    IBM i 7.1 Technical Overview
    Including Technology Refresh Updates – November 2011


    This IBM® Redbooks® publication introduces a technical overview of the main new features, functions and enhancements available in IBM i 7.1 (formerly called i5/OS® V6R1). It gives a summary and brief explanation of new capabilities and what has changed in the operating system, and also many of the licensed programs and application development tools associated with IBM i.

    The information provided in this book will be useful for customers, Business Partners, and IBM service professionals involved with planning, supporting, upgrading, and implementing IBM i solutions.

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