AD auth (Win2k3 Snd R2 Server) on AIX 5.2

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    Good morning, everybody
    I got a few AIX 5.3 and several AIX 5.2 installations

    On 5.3 there i’ve configured authentication on DC of our domain (Win 2k3 Snd R2 Server)
    To make AIX 5.3 auth on Windows R2 servers there is a fix for AIX 5.3 – APAR IY91514
    And it can be installed from tl8sp5

    Is there such APAR for AIX 5.2 ?
    Cause i need to add AIX 5.2. servers to Win2k3 R3 domain too. Or there is some cheat posibility?)

    Thanks you in advance

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    as far as i know, there is no support for Windows 2003 R2 in AIX 5.2.

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    There are different authentification methods in AIX 5.2 and Win 2k3 Snd R2.
    I met just the same situation (but with another UNIX) – you may try to use legacy (not recommended and disabled by default) authentification methods in Windows server.

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