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IBM FlashSystem V840


The IBM® FlashSystem™ V840 delivers high performance, efficiency, and reliability for shared enterprise storage environments, while simplifying data management, improving data security, and preserving your investments in storage with advanced software-defined storage.

October 9, 2014 – Updated to include the new power supply option and GUI productivity enhancement information


Storage capacity and performance requirements are growing faster than ever before, and the costs of managing this growth are depleting more of the IT budget. IBM® FlashSystem™ V840 (FlashSystem V840) has changed the economics of today’s data center by eliminating storage bottlenecks, and its software-defined storage features simplify data management, improve data security, and preserve your investments in storage.

IBM FlashSystem V840 flash technology and software-defined storage are available in one solution in a compact 6U form factor. FlashSystem V840 improves business application availability and delivers greater resource utilization so you can get the most from your storage resources, and achieve a simpler, more scalable, and cost efficient IT Infrastructure. Using IBM Storwize® family functions, management tools, and interoperability, this product combines the performance of FlashSystem architecture with the advanced functions of software-defined storage to deliver performance, efficiency, and functions that meets the needs of enterprise workloads demanding IBM MicroLatency™ response time. Figure 1 shows the IBM FlashSystem V840 product.
Figure 1. IBM FlashSystem V840

Did you know?

  • FlashSystem V840 is an all flash array that can accelerate mission-critical applications.
  • Scale up to 1.2 M IOPS and 1.6 PB effective capacity when using IBM Real-Time Compression™.
  • Up to four FlashSystem V840 building blocks may be clustered into a single storage system, multiplying performance and capacity with each addition.
  • The new IBM FlashSystem V840 Control Enclosure (9846-AC1 or 9848-AC1) includes use of the compression accelerator card, which accelerates Real-time Compression performance up to 2x.
  • FlashSystem V840 provides IBM Easy Tier® 3rd Generation capabilities to allow for up to three tiers of storage.
  • Achieve advanced virtualization, provisioning and performance management with IBM SmartCloud® Virtual Storage Center (VSC).

Product Guide topics

  • FlashSystem V840
  • FlashSystem V840 highlights
  • FlashSystem V840 components
  • Product specifications
  • Options and features codes
  • Network cables and UPS
  • Encryption
  • System management and web interface
  • Supported platforms
  • Physical and electrical specifications
  • Software and licensing
  • Warranty information and upgrades
  • IBM Global Financing
  • Related publications and links

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