IBM Redbooks | IBM PurePower Technical Overview and Introduction

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication is a comprehensive guide covering the IBM PurePower System (8374-01M) that is designed to help support big data, social, mobile, analytics and the flow of critical information. A PurePower System can be configured in an affordable entry-level configuration in a single rack, and is agile enough to be expanded for scalable cloud deployments. A PurePower System has built-in redundancy for highly reliable and resilient operation to support demanding applications and cloud services required by many enterprises. A PurePower System also provides the scalability, flexibility and versatility that you demand for business-critical workloads.

Here are the new enhancements that were announced on October 5th 2015:

IBM i on top of a VIOS is now supported on the IBM Power System S822 server.

IBM i support requires VIOS (no native I/O) and also requires FW840.

With firmware code level 840, the 2U Power S822 (8284-22A) supports IBM i 7.2 or IBM i 7.1 with special terms and conditions. Technology Refresh 3 or later for IBM i 7.2 or Technology Refresh 11 or later for IBM i 7.1 is required. Multiple IBM i partitions each up to a maximum of two cores are supported. The Power S822 software tier is P10.

The virtual I/O Server (VIOS) is required for all the I/O that IBM i accesses. There is no native I/O support. Thus IBM i applications requiring use of these adapters are not a good fit for the Power S822. IBM i 7.2 clients can connect to a LAN-attached OEM device that has downstream async connections. IBM i partitions accessing direct attached disk or SSD through VIOS must use 4k byte sector drives, not 5xx byte sector drives. The 4k drives are required for performance reasons.

This IBM i support fulfills the Statement of Direction previously issued for PurePower systems.

Note: Async or bisync adapters or crypto cards are not supported under the VIOS

Improvements made to PurePower Integrated Manager.

PurePower Integrated Manager gathers and displays the current level of firmware on all components in the offering and compare those levels against the current existing tested stack and will notify the customer of any levels that are out of compliance for manual updates to be scheduled.

Integration of HMC code (virtual HMC) into the PurePower Integrated Manager

The vHMC allow the customer to manage the PurePower POWER8® servers through a guest partition on the PurePower Integrated Manager. HMC version changes from 8.3 to 8.4 with the October 2015 announcement.

Ability to order translated PurePower documentation which is geography specific.

Prior to this release, PurePower documentation was supplied only in English. With this release, clients have the ability to order publications in additional languages.

Configuration support for IBM Power System S822 and S822L server in a single rack.

Today, PurePower does not allow a mixture of POWER8 Compute Nodes 8284-22A and 8247-22L in a single rack. The October 2015 release allows customers to order a mixture of nodes in a single rack.

PowerVC 1.2.3 Standard Edition

In April 2015 the PowerVC 1.2.2 Standard Edition was used and with the October 2015 release PowerVC 1.2.3 is being used.

Power compute node firmware SV840

The system firmware for power compute node changed from SV830 to SV840 with the October 2015 announcement.

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