IBM Redbooks | IBM Software Defined Environment SDE

This IBM Redbooks publication introduces the IBM Software Defined Environment SDE as a solution which helps to optimize the entire computing infrastructure — compute, storage and network resources — so that it can adapt to the type of work required. In today’s environment, resources are assigned manually to workloads; that happens automatically in a SDE. In a SDE, workloads are dynamically assigned to IT resources based on application characteristics, best-available resources, and service level policies to deliver continuous, dynamic optimization and reconfiguration to address infrastructure issues. Underlying all of this are policy-based compliance checks and updates, in a centrally managed environment.This IBM Redbooks publication gives a broad understanding of the new architecture. Think integration, automation and optimization. Those are enablers to cloud delivery and analytics. SDE has the capability to accelerate business success by making a happy marriage between workloads and resources so you have a responsive, adaptive environment.With IBM’s Software Defined Environment, infrastructure is fully programmable to rapidly deploy workloads on optimal resources and to instantly respond to changing business demands.This IBM Redbooks publication is targeted toward IBM Sellers/CSI/ MSP teams, IBM architects, STG brand specialists, distributors, resellers and anyone developing and implementing SDE

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