Running HMC V7 R3.3.0 in VMWare

 Running HMC V7 R3.3.0 in VMWare or other unsupported hardware

Based on original topic by Yikching ( Actual for HMC V7 R3.1.0 ),

Editing for HMC V7 R3.3.0 by Vlad []

Modifying initrd

You’ll need a linux machine to perform certain actions.

1. Take isolinux/initrd.gz from the first HMCs install DVD

2. gunzip initrd.gz and mount it (on linux machine):
    # cd /tmp
    # gunzip initrd.gz
    # mkdir /mnt/initrd
    # mount -o loop initrd /mnt/initrd

3. Modify /mnt/initrd/opt/hmc/bin/GetVPD file as follows:
    replace /usr/sbin/dmidecode –string bios-version | sed -e ‘s/-[//g’ | sed -e ‘s/]-//g’ line with echo "2AKT51A"
    replace sn=`/usr/sbin/dmidecode –string system-serial-number` with sn="7042CR4*10-1234A"
    replace echo "$cmodel$mtype" with echo "7042CR4"

4. Modifying XF86Config:
    # cp /mnt/initrd/opt/hsc/data/7042CR4.tar /tmp
    # tar xf 7042CR4.tar
    and modify /tmp/etc/X11/XF86Config as follows:
        replace Driver "vga" with Driver "vesa"
        replace Driver "ati" with Driver "vesa"
    # tar cf 7042CR4.tar ./etc
    # cp /tmp/7042CR4.tar /mnt/initrd/opt/hsc/data
    # unmount /mnt/initrd
    # gzip initrd
5. Replace original initrd.gz on the first DVD with modified version.
    You can use WinISO, UltraISO or MagicISO (or mkisofs on linux) to replace initrd.gz   

VMWare settings

You need to create a new VM machine or use a physical machine if you prefer.

1. Use IDE HDDs controller under VMware as there is problems detecting SCSI HDDs using HMC media.
    Also i’ve faced some problems with SATA hdd on real hardware, but setting SATA mode to LEGACY in the BIOS will help.

2. Set maximal disk size to 70GB  ( I’ve used 40GB and it works ok!)

Further actions

Once infstalled and rebooted, it should display login prompt after all services as X windows will fail to start.

1. Boot into single mode.
When the system is in the GRUB menu, press ‘e’ and scroll to 2nd line and press ‘e’ again. Remove the ‘ro’ option and replace it with ‘single’.

2. Modify the following file:
replace /usr/sbin/dmidecode –string bios-version | sed -e ‘s/-[//g’ | sed -e ‘s/]-//g’ with echo "2AKT51A"
replace echo "$cmodel$mtype*$sn" with echo "7042CR4*10-1234A"
replace echo "$cmodel$mtype" with echo "7042CR4"

3. Reboot into normal mode (or do init 3) and reboot again into single mode.

4. Modify the following file:
replace Driver "vga" with Driver "vesa"
replace Driver "ati" with Driver "vesa"

5. Reboot. Enjoy your shiny new HMC. 😉

You might not be able to change network settings in the GUI, suspect it to be related to sl0, as it fails on startup.

As for me, i cant change network settings from GUI on VMWare (VMWare Fusion), but it works on real hardware (old Dell desktop).

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